38 ASEAN universities assessed through the UPM Regional Rating System

By Dhvani Sanghavi, AUN Intern, and Phasawit Jutatungcharoen, Programme Officer.
The University Performance Metrics (UPM) rating system was recently updated on February 10, 2021. The new update includes 38 different ASEAN universities, 27 of which are higher education institutions in Vietnam, while the other 11 universities are from other ASEAN countries, specifically the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar.
Currently, almost 50 universities from Vietnam and the ASEAN region are already participating, but the UPM results have been assessed for only 38 of those universities, from which non-Vietnamese universities account for a mere 29%. This unfortunate situation was due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has limited UPM’s database collection progress.
Despite the difficulties, there have been notes of praise from universities outside of Vietnam. The Presidents of Kasetsart University (Thailand), Visayas University (Philippines), and Thanlyin University of Technology (Myanmar) had expressed their satisfaction with the ratings they received by UPM. Each of them praised the system for building a system that could help fulfill their vision of becoming a competitive university at the international level and creating a benchmark that their students and potential employers could use as indicators.
Executive Director of the AUN Secretariat, Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti noted that beyond the traditional university quality assessment criteria, the UPM rating has access to five basic features that universities today need: promoting entrepreneurship, promoting innovation, implementing digital transformation, personalizing training, and creating new ethical values. Professor Nguyen Huu Duc, the chair of the UPM Advisory Board, also added that UPM has already begun its plan to introduce itself to the ASEAN+3 University Network (China, Japan, Korea), the SATU University Network (Taiwan and 6 ASEAN countries), and India.
(Source: http://www.aunsec.org/pressroom_news125.php)